Farrah Fawcett Live Auction
Posted by Martitta on December 06 2013 20:10:50
Heritage Auction House in Dallas is holding a live auction Thursday December 12, 2013 on rare and personal items from Farrah Fawcett estate.

This is a great opportunity for a fan to own an item from her estate. A wide array of mementos from Farrah's long and storied Hollywood career; 1977 People's Choice Award, scripts; costumes from films, last driver's license, passport will be auctioned off.

Extended News

To bid on the live auction you can do it via online, phone or in person. Go to http://www.ha.com/ to see all the items up for auction and to register.

There is also a Farrah Fawcett auction catalog for sale. To order one the cost is $25. Also there is an email to for questions about Europe sales. catalogorders@HA.com.

Catalog Orders, Heritage Auctions
3500 Maple Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

Editors Comment:
Most of you know that I was Farrah Fawcett's personal assistant from 2005-2007. While working I saw most of these items on a daily bases. This auction brings up wonderful past memories of Farrah for me.

I remember myself working in the office and sometimes times I would pull down one of her bound scripts and flip thought the pages. (they where on the shelves in my office). It was amazing to read her acting notes and look at the rare images which most of the photos in her books where "kills" or images which where not used in promotions.

I personally feel that some of the items being auctioned should be treasured in a museum or on display. To share and remember this actor & icon's career of a woman who made a world wide effect on pop culture. But these are my thoughts and dreams.

But with that said, I'm excited that fans have the opportunity to own such rare and one-of-the-kind items. If anyone feels the need to buy me a holiday gift! I'll accept anything! ~Mike Pingel