New Book: The Original Charlie's Angels Scrapbook
Posted by Martitta on May 14 2014 19:39:51
When CHARLIE'S ANGELS first aired in 1976, no one was expecting this show to become such a cult classic that 35 years later it is still on TV in re-run syndication all over the world. Donald Sanders was a young still photographer at ABC-TV.

He had already shot stills on dozens of shows at ABC-TV when he was assigned to work on CHARLIE'S ANGELS. What made this show different for Sanders was that his friend FARRAH FAWCETT, was one of the three stars of the show. Farrah quickly told KATE JACKSON and JACLYN SMITH that they could be comfortable and trust her friend.

Little did Sanders dream that CHARLIE'S ANGELS would become an iconic American Pop Culture TV show. Like opening a time capsule, Sanders shares for the first time his private photo file on CHARLIE'S ANGELS. A candid dialogue about the experience of photographing the stars of the show, accompanies over 50 unpublished portraits and some backstage candid photos, many, many full page.